Game of Thrones: the annual reminder that life sucks without dwarves, ice zombies and boobs* dragons. The show that gets your Grandma cheering when a man gets devoured by his lovable dogs. And the thing that will take over Monday conversations at work for the next seven weeks. I cannotContinue Reading
The Disney Classic ‘The Fox and the Hound’; the tale of a fox and a hunting dog desperately trying to preserve their unlikely friendship, was a childhood favourite of mine. This and many other Disney films devoured many hours of my life, something that only subsided upon the discovery ofContinue Reading
Cast of the Friends TV show
‘Friends’, ‘the family you choose’, ‘those idiots that put your hand in warm water that time you fell asleep on the beach’… Whatever you want to call them, these people form a massive part of what make our lives worth living. Companionship should be something that we all invest in,Continue Reading
Millennials have been labelled the renting generation for a while now. Living in a major city as a millennial means you’re likely to be burning a lot of your money in the rental bonfire. So the question becomes, how the hell are we expected to buy a place of our own?Continue Reading
This month marked a great milestone for me. Nine months after starting on the moonstruck journey that is financial independence, my investment passive income now brings in over £365 per year – that’s £1 a day! A small amount, but one that I am incredibly happy to have reached nonetheless.Continue Reading
Money with a zombie on it symbolising a financial apocalypse
Popular culture has lead people to believe that apocalyptic phenomena can only exists on the big screen. Usually involving a comet, aliens or zombies (otherwise known as people from Newcastle), we can learn a lot from the plethora of disaster movies and how characters brace themselves for tragedy so thatContinue Reading
house in a piggy bank
In the 2016 budget, the British government announced the creation of an ISA (Individual Savings Account) that blows most other ISAs out of the water. To be unleashed on the good people of the United Kingdom in April 2017, the LISA (Lifetime ISA) effectively dishes out a 25% return onContinue Reading
Bargain Stickers
Financial independence is not the norm and it is not an easy path. You have to be meticulous and conscious of your all your financial endeavours; being frugal in every aspect of your spending – even your lunch. Hello, I am the infamous Money Tree Lady. As my first blogContinue Reading