Money Tree man, beginnings

First thing’s first, money CAN grow on trees! The ‘trees’ I am talking about are solid investments that yield fruitful (sorry) returns over the long term and are deeply rooted (sorry again) in a long-term future goal that leaves (really didn’t intended that one) yew (last one I promise) in a financial position where you hold all the cards.

The concept of financial independence/retiring early (FI/RE) was one that eluded me during my younger years because – well – call me a fool, but I love what I do** and the idea of doing it until I look like Gandalf did not sound all that bad.

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m the Money Tree Man, a recently graduated professional in his early twenties from London who has decided to pick up a PC and turn into one of those douche bloggers you see in Caffe Nero (for the Internationals reading this, it’s like Starbucks except they pay taxes) and in case you haven’t noticed, the subject matter of this blog is making money grow on trees to achieve financial independence. I recently noticed that a lot of the blogs on financial independence all seemed to be written by people with their lives in order, a few assets under their belt and already making quite a bit of monthly income. At the time of writing this, this is my situation:

  • A mountain of debt from a career development loan I took out to finance my Masters
  • A rather large overdraft (or three) that were maxed during my uni years for books and school supplies (alcohol and football boots)
  • Some money that I owed some friends from a while of post-graduate unemployment
  • A steady, but low, income
  • An extremely supportive girlfriend of two years – I would not have gotten very far without the Money Tree Lady


"The study of money, above all other fields in economics, is the one in which complexity is used to disguise truth or to evade truth, not to reveal it" - J.K. Galbraith


I believe that the biggest barrier to entry for those new to the world of personal finance is simply the lack of easy-to-understand media. The topic is one littered with awful acronyms and terrifying terminology. Because of this (and ceaseless pressure from my friends) I decided to start MoneyTreeMan!


So yeah… that is a bit about me. I’m not a wealth guru nor do I have much experience doing the whole financial independence thing. I honestly do not know where this blog will end up – but I can only hope that it inspires others like me to plant some money trees of their own. So hold on tight and watch this space.


Edit 2/06/17: I am now Debt free!

Edit 12/11/17: I have started a YouTube Channel dedicated to helping people bolster their finances!


* What do I do, you ask? I’m in e-commerce marketing (I may one day bore you with the specifics of what that means)

So enough about me

Check out the blog. You won't regret it!