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*I will say right now that none of these companies have paid Money Tree Man in any way shape or form to endorse them – this is not that kind of website

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Before embarking on any investment adventure, always follow the following  MTM principles for good Money Tree growth.

Set long term goals

The road to financial independence is long, and here at MTM we encourage people to have an end game that all decision must conform to. Most shortcuts are in fact just a quick fix to chopping down your own money trees!

Do your research

Despite appearances, I am not the be all and end all of financial wizardry. While I am no Neville Longbottom, I am not quite Harry Potter either. As such MTM encourages all of you to do your own research and empower yourself to become a financial badass!

A quick google can be the difference investment ingenuity of fiscal fucktardedry!

Is it safe?  


The Money Tree way of life does not mean that you need to make dangerous decisions.

Please take care when investing and do not give your details to anybody that you don’t feel right about.

Hargreaves Landsdown

“UK’s number 1 supermarket for private investment” and boy do you get to see why!

While they charge more than the average broker, they will answer any investment questions you have for them (however stupid you may feel it is) leaving you feel empowered, knowledgeable and ready to plant some Money Trees!


A peer-2-peer lending platform that you can join with only £10! Zopa takes your cash and splits it into multiple micro loans which not only give you bonsai-sized money trees, but acts as a great form of diversifying your portfolio and protecting yourself from losses. It also means that you end up having various mini paydays every month as each borrower pays you back!

Click via this link and you’ll also get a cheeky £50 MTM bonus!


Let me put it this way; once the setup is complete (which takes about 30 mins) I could give my laptop to my 6 year old nephew and he could manage a Lendinvest portfolio.

A P2P lending platform that’s great for beginners! The interface allows you to easily do your research, chose an investment and sit back as you enjoy the fruit of your Money Trees!

Money Saving Expert

The MTM would not exist without this guy. Martin Lewis, the Money Saving Expert is the real OG when it comes to frugal living.

Dedicating his life to help people like you and I get some fiscal protein in our financial muscles, his knowledgeable information is priceless but free – > that is the sort of ROI that we endorse here at the MTM!


A great way to discover and share your experiences on companies with other people. It is also a great way to spot a scam!

With over 20million online reviews and 20,000 new reviews each day, you have a well of information that can be used to water your Money Trees!

See how the Money Tree Man used the above companies to further his financial independence goals

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