Bargain Sticker Syndrome

Financial independence is not the norm and it is not an easy path. You have to be meticulous and conscious of your all your financial endeavours; being frugal in every aspect of your spending – even your lunch.

Hello, I am the infamous Money Tree Lady. As my first blog post it’s only right that I talk about my ‘Bargain Sticker Syndrome’ a term the Money Tree Man uses to describe my need to hunt the best deals! If you know anything about The Money Tree Man and I, you will know we are saving up for our financial independence. This isn’t about earning more money but spending less, which is deceptively harder.

While there are many positives to buying things for the best price possible – there is a pitfall to this syndrome – beware buying things you do not need just because it has a bargain sticker on it! This is something I learned the hard way… To stop you from making the same mistakes I have created a little checklist to help you know what to do when you are faced with such temptations:

  • Do you need it?
  • Do you need that quantity?
  • Do you have a purpose in mind for it? When? (& Is this before the expiry date/if ordering online will it arrive on time?)
  • Yes, it has a bargain sticker on but are you sure it is your cheapest option?

If you follow those easy steps it WILL stop you from buying things unnecessarily which means lower outgoings and more money trees for your next financial venture.

That’s it from MTL, I must not be the only one that LOVES a bargain?! Let me know your best and worst bargain stories in the comments below.


    1. I have many bargain regrets – most of them food related. None of my regrets broke the bank but not using the products I bought meant I wasted both food and money (even if it wasn’t very much). I’d say my biggest bargain regret though was back in my teens when money was more scarce and I bought a playsuit on sale in Topshop. I loved it but it wasn’t my size. I thought I would get it despite this and make the outfit work. To this day I have only worn it once (and looked ridiculous in it)!! From then on I vowed to never buy clothes (or anything else for that matter) just because of the bargain sticker on it.

  1. Great post, I too appreciate a good deal and often don’t think if I actually need it or if I’m just buying it because it’s good value! I always get coupons for Walmart and half the time use them on products I don’t normally buy, but get them anyway because of the price cut. Hopefully I remember this post next time I get another one of these coupons.

    1. Thanks for reading the post Logan. Coupons are great but designed to make you buy things you don’t need so that places like Walmart make more money! If nothing else, remember that & if you see always coupons / bargin stickers with sceptical mind, you will succeed in using them for your advantage and not theirs.

  2. You mention in your checklist ‘Do you need that quantity?’ what’s your opinion on buying things in bulk to reduce spending in the long term?

    1. Very good question Ellen. It is often cheaper to buy things in bulk but there are many negative side effects… I think you may have just inspired a future blog post. Follow us on Twitter and we’ll keep you posted.

  3. Great read. I probably lack the patience to find a bargain and the I end up paying more just because I haven’t really looked.

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