Cast of the Friends TV show

Invest in good friends

‘Friends’, ‘the family you choose’, ‘those idiots that put your hand in warm water that time you fell asleep on the beach’… Whatever you want to call them, these people form a massive part of what make our lives worth living. Companionship should be something that we all invest in,[…]

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Saving Money is a Privilege

This month marked a great milestone for me. Nine months after starting on the moonstruck journey that is financial independence, my investment passive income now brings in over £365 per year – that’s £1 a day! A small amount, but one that I am incredibly happy to have reached nonetheless.[…]

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Man sleeping at work

Enjoy Your Job

When I speak about financial independence, people always seem to say something along the lines of, “you must really hate your job!”. The answer for me (and it should be for you) is that I love my damn job! Many make the mistake  of thinking that your job is the[…]

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