The Financial Apocalypse Survival Guide

Popular culture has lead people to believe that apocalyptic phenomena can only exists on the big screen. Usually involving a comet, aliens or zombies (otherwise known as people from Newcastle), we can learn a lot from the plethora of disaster movies and how characters brace themselves for tragedy so that we might be better prepared for a financial apocalypse.

Well, what is a financial apocalypse? Think of your situation right now. Now think of the worst things that could happen that would completely monetarily destabilise you. For some people this may mean the loss of a job, end of a relationship, or a feather landing on an iPhone and breaking it. Whatever it is for you, once the faecal matter hits the whirring spinning cooling device, the hollow emptiness left behind is never pleasant. What’s worse is that the majority of us either have been (or will go through) this ourselves. But this does not mean that we have to sit here and wait for it to happen…


Educate yourself

In almost all apocalyptic movies, there is a cohort of non-believers; people that believe that the events of the ensuing doom is either fake, or will not affect them. As we all know, the ignorant tend to be the first to be blown-up/eaten/infected. In the same way, a financial apocalypse can blow-up, eat or infect our finances and the knowledgeable tend to do far better during these situations than the great uninformed.

There are loads of books, websites and videos out there to help you. Also I, the Money Tree Man, am also always on hand and happy to answer questions in my comments or on twitter.

Get your team in order

Films always depict a douche that feels they can deal with the apocalypse on their own. The fool who goes out into the dark corridor and comes back with his brains leaking out of his ears. Never underestimate the value of support; emotionally and financially. Having friends and family around to help during times of financial stress is always great. Sometimes some kind words or a kick up the backside from somebody close to us is just what we need to get through hard financial situations.


A good place of shelter is crucial for weathering the apocalyptic storm. How many times have wee seen zombie movies without reinforced windows or people attempting to survive natural disasters in their basement! A financial apocalypse bunker must be cheap yet durable. Go too expensive, and your housing compounds your deteriorating situation, but go too cheap, and you may find that the costs of maintenance are critically costly!


Arm yourself

Above, I mentioned that arming yourself with education is crucial to survival. Well so is actually arming yourself. Zombie movie badasses usually equip themselves with long-range weapons (e.g. machine guns) and tools for close-quarter combat (e.g. an axe). Some even have a super destructive weapon in their arsenal that can be used in dire situations, though sometimes to their own peril too. In the same way, we must brace ourselves for calamities both long and short term.

Building yourself a nice stash and alternative sources of income, that can support you when you need it right away can be the difference between stability and the first domino falling on the road to catastrophe! Long-term, however, your best bet is to minimise your outgoings so that a shortfall in money is less damaging. In dire situations, you can always find yourself a good line of credit (e.g. a 0% credit card), but as with the super destructive weapons, you must be careful with these or face destroying yourself in the process!





  1. I work in investment banking and we are bracing for a sudden backlash. Not quite a recession but I still think it will be worth preparing my finances for a worse-case scenario

    1. thanks for reading Bianca! and wow that is scary and you’d be wise to do so – even if the end isn’t exactly nigh =]

  2. Hi MTM, I’m new to your blog but I have read some of the posts and this is amazing! You have me hooked and ready to change my spending habits ??

  3. Looool! “zombies also known as people from Newcastle”?? Im gonna have to remember that one

    1. HAHA! thanks for reading, Fred!

      Make sure that you credit me with a link to the post, if you do XD

  4. As much as I appreciate the apocalypse theme. One thing that happens in reality vs the movies is that it all bounces back… eventually.
    Regardless, your guidance will put people in the right position to take advantage of the bounce back and hopefully the apocalypse will be nothing but a bad dream.
    Also, never forget that market instability is a key factor in making big wins. So for me, an apocalypse is pure opportunity.
    I guess this makes me that awful person who runs around looting corpses, ransacking homes and stealing from people in the dead of night. But hey, it’s for survival right?! And for the benefit of all those around me, if you’re on my team.

    1. Hi Ash, firstly thanks for reading.

      Secondly, in reply to your statement, Chaos is a ladder, right? Some use it for it’s purpose; to climb, others see it as bad luck and stay very far away from it. Taking advantage of the mayhem doesn’t make you a bad person, in the same way that eating food doesn’t mean you would love famine and world hunger to continue.

      I guess what I am trying to say is, if bad times hit, being in a situation where you are prepared, if far better than if your weren’t. And if it doesn’t affect you, you’re richer than you expected to be =]

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