Financial Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

I’m beginning to understand that the things we talk and think about, one day become a reality. In the world of psychology, this is referred to as a ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’. An example of a self-fulfilling prophecy that even had an impact on the immediate future is a ‘Stereotype Threat’ discussed by Psychology Today “women who were “reminded” that females generally aren’t good at math did not fair [sic] as well on a math test as did the control group of women who simply took the exam”.*

Hello, it’s Money Tree Lady with one of my regular guest posts. From a young age, I have always said and thought “I am going to be an Interior Designer”. This prospect has now become my job title and my dream has become a reality. As much as I love Disney movies – I’m not suggesting that life is like Cinderella; but if it is something you truly want, subconsciously it will have an impact on every decision you make. Positive or negative.

I am writing this post because one of my biggest dreams has been fulfilled and it does make me think, what’s next? What is my next big goal and how can I make it happen?

If you are a regular reader on here you will know in 3 years time (August 2020) Money Tree Man and I want to buy a house. This may have seemed aspirational at first but the more we think and talk about this idea the more realistic it becomes. One example of a decision we consciously made to make this happen for us is house-sharing until we can own our own home. Be decisive with your goals and subconsciously or consciously the way you manage your finances will align to these aspirations to help make them a reality.

The influence self-fulfilling prophecies can have, gives us a huge responsibility. If there is power in the things we talk and even think about, we must ensure we are careful with the ‘things’ we say out loud and let consume our mind. If you actively think and talk about your goals this could have a really positive effect on your future. With this knowledge it makes the idea of gossiping, judging other people, thinking about doing things that are against your morals or what you believe, seem less appealing. These are the ideas we should not even entertain in our minds. Don’t give them space to bread and manifest into an unwelcome situation.

The responsibility is not just to ourselves but those around us, putting others down may change their mindset, therefore, hindering their chance of achieving their goals. Our words and thought can be life-affirming or life destroying. Believe in yourself and your goals and surround yourself with good friends that offer encouragement, making sure you return the favor by backing their dreams simultaneously.


*Psychology Today Study