Enjoy Your Job

When I speak about financial independence, people always seem to say something along the lines of, “you must really hate your job!”. The answer for me (and it should be for you) is that I love my damn job!

Many make the mistake  of thinking that your job is the enemy that financial independence will help you conquer, when it it is in fact the ally that will support you in planting the Money trees to reach your financial goals. By working hard in your day job you are likely to earn more*. If you love what you do, increasing your workload should not be difficult. That’s not to say that you should do loads of overtime and pawn of valuable time with your friends and family – it is a balancing act – but through this power to command a higher income, you have more money to invest:


Increased earnings + Decreased expenditure + Investment of the surplus = Money Trees for days

Personally, I look at my job as something I enjoy doing. It allows me to learn, interact with other human beings, and gives me a reason to put on trousers in the morning**. However all this considered, I would not like to need to do it until I am well passed my display date. Once something that you do is no longer a necessity, the pleasure derived from the activity compounds rapidly.

You see, many people who take to the Money Tree way of Life, do so because they hate their job and so dream of the day when they are woken up by the teenagers skipping school to smoke in front of their house instead of an alarm in the obscene hours of the morning. They sit in front of their computers fantasising about the day when getting up to grab a tea or go to the toilet won’t be met with looks of disapproval as your manager mentally calculates the cost to the business of your ‘break’.  But if you truly despise Mondays, then you need to take a look inward and switch jobs. If that is not an option for you, then do something that will allow it to become an option, such as learning new skills, further reducing expenses so as to not be so reliant on the paycheque or for those braver than me, setting up your own business!


Life is way too short to be solely looking forward to retirement – even if it is early!


*This is not always the case…

**I have been known to work from home and attend meetings via video call in my underwear out of the camera shot..




  1. I’m a designer and I genuinely love my job too! I work crazy hard (and unfortunately end up doing a lot of overtime) as many designers in London do…

    Another downside is I don’t think my pay reflects this workload, which means I have to be incredibly thrifty to be able to save & live in this city! What would you do in this situation MTM?

  2. Hi Alex the designer from London,

    first of all, massive congratulations on being Fug Life enough to acknowledge that you need to be thrifty to plant money trees! Most designers I have worked with actually do a lot of freelance work that can really compliment a steady salary. Is this something you have ever considered?

    1. Haha I’m not able to save a lot so I’m not that fug life yet but I save what I can.

      I have concidered it yes, I did a little back in uni so I will think about starting up some more. It might actually encourage me to leave work earlier if I have other commitments! Thanks MTM 🙂

  3. Completely true. Live your life as if you may die tomorrow, but not so irresponsibly that if you survive tomorrow you would be screwed!

    1. Mo, thanks for reading and leaving a comment! 100% true! A lot the reason for my own debt is due to travelling but that was a great experience for me. I would definitely do it again given the opportunity to go back.

  4. Great article! I’m a small business owner and employer, I try to make work as fulfilling as possible for my employees

    1. Thank you for commenting – I believe you will find that investing in your employees may make them produce extremely beneficial returns for you and your business

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